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Saturday 17 July 2010

From Monday, July 19, prisoners in Saint Paul's hospital, Korydallos prison, will abstain from prison food


On Monday, July 19, prisoners will start refusing food with a demand to address and solve the problem of prolonged detention of people with chronic and incurable diseases who, due to their state of health, should have their sentences reduced.
The human ''dump", as the prisoners of this institution call it themselves, is simply tragic, as we have also heard from comrade Simos Seisidis presently being held there. People with disabilities, strokes, fatal diseases are thrown into this vile, dirty environment full of shortcomings.
The Secretary for prison policy visited some time ago, and stated that the matter would be resolved by a legislative bill in February or March. Naturally, he was telling lies.
The prisoners themselves, in their statement to the Minister and the media say:''powerless to react differently, anyway lacking our health, we are offering what is left of our lives to sacrifice them to your inhuman indifference, not because we hope you will change, but because we refuse to live like beasts, like waste from a system and society without humanity, ethics or honour.
So, from Monday, July 19, all those who are able to will abstain from food and all medication and treatment, as a last sign of dignity and self-respect. ..''
Our comrade Simos Seisidis will participate in this mobilization.

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