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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Simos Seisidis fights for his life in hospital cage

from actforfreedomnow

A climate of terror reigns in KAT hospital where comrade Simos Seisidis has been transported and hospitalized. At noon they did a second operation, while doctors are afraid not only about whether they can revert his foot that suffered serious injuries, but also for his life.That is because at the Hippocratic hospital was he was transferred from he was clinically dead and brought back to life, and because he is still at risk.
The situation is deemed very serious, in the words of doctors. He is not hospitalized in intensive care, but in a specially designed room/cage, which gets very hot and there is only one old-fashioned air conditioner that does not actually do anything.In the room, as throughout the hospital, police are on permanent guard. The lawyer was prevented from seeing him, and up until yesterday afternoon, his family were also prevented from entering.
The assisting doctor, at the strong protests of the mother said "Well don't you worry, I'll take care of him"! Fortunately, with the help of another doctor and head nurse, who honor their functions, they succeeded in doing so.
The police presence is massive, and during yesterday's demonstration, EKAM special cops with guns and balaclavas are patrolling the hospital! While current security measures are even greater, with body checks on the family and his companion locked inside the walk-in cage!The comrade will remain for a long time in hospital and will undergo surgery again.
For four years a myth has been formed around his name, and since the situation there is now explosive with ever greater repression, and with memories fresh from the "treatment" of Savvas Xiros [imprisoned 17 November member who was severely wounded and 'visited' by the CIA while semi-conscious due to special drug administration], we intend to monitor closely.

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