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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Visits of comrades to the hospitals about Simos Seisidis, June 31


On Thursday 31st of June , a group of comrades visited the medical staff of "Euaggelismos" where fighter Simos Seisidis is being held, heavily guarded. The reason for this visit is the constant threat of his transfer to Korridalos prisons. Simos, with a recently amputated leg that requires a longterm re-education for the application of an artificial leg. His transfer to prison and especially the so-called prison "hospital" (Saint Pauls) not only makes the re-establishment of his leg impossible but it also brings serious danger for his health situation in general. He must be tranferred to a re-education centre where he will get the necessary medical attention and not to the slaughterhouse of "Saint Pauls".
We spoke with the doctors in charge and we also went outside the guarded room where he is being held trying to communicate with him. There was a very intense arguement with the police guards and especially with the cop that was in charge and who was very aggressive even against his own colleagues that showed some compassion.
In the end, we didn't manage to see him although we are sure he realised we were there.
We did not want to continue the argument with the guard out of respect to the hospital and we left.
Today (July 2nd), there was a similiar visit to the medical staff of K.A.T. where his operations took place. We spoke with the doctors and showed that we will not allow the State's methods against the comrade to pass


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