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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Simos Seisidis loses his leg

from actforfreedomnow

Sunday, May 30, 2010
Simos Seisidis is an anarchist arrested on May 3d by police in Athens. Simos has had a price on his head for a long time, accused of being a member of the so-called “robbers in black” (oi listes me ta maura) who were, allegedly, a group to which imprisoned anarchist Yiannis Dimitrakis also belonged.
During his arrest on May 4th, Simos was shot in the leg by police and injured heavily; he was also beaten badly on the spot. Since that day Simos has been detained in a room-converted-cell in the KAT hospital in Athens. His conditions of detention are horrific – as described by his family, comrades and groups such as the Network for Social and Political Rights (which has issued a statement, see here, in Greek): there is a complete ban on TV, radio and phone communication for him; the only person allowed to visit him in his room is his mother; police are constantly guarding his room, abusing him, photographing him with their mobile phones while he is bathed by the nursing staff; the list is endless.
On Friday, May 28th it was announced that his health condition had worsened rapidly and that Simos had an emergency operation and had his leg amputated. He is now in a stable and relatively good (that is, non-life threatening condition); his horrific conditions of detention remain. BROTHER SIMOS YOU ARE NOT ALONE! THEY ARE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT!!

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