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Sunday 11 July 2010

Giannis Dimitrakis writes about the revolts 2006

The days and nights on the roof of Malandrino prison have found us united, free from any addiction. Each of us ignored our personal interests, but not the common aims and actions which have brought us all to our common destiny in prison. United as a fist, against hunger, thirst and weather, fixed, still and resolute in our objective – the meeting of our demands.
We didn’t ask, we demanded the removal of all contested laws, so we could raise our face up again. We all said NO to the drugs and addictive substances which every type of power distributes generously for the functioning of jails. You’ve seen, and you’ll see it again, the detainees feel the bitter pain of the batons, the smoke of tear gas and other chemicals. You’ve seen, and you’ll see it again, detainees pushed back with plastic bullets.
The result of those revolts, the experiences we’ve had and the problems we encountered need to be analysed and reflected on. Some might say the struggle was useless and a failure, but in the detainees’ souls there’s no space for defeatism and resignation. On the contrary, amongst us there have been fundamental stirrings, exchanges of opinions and thoughts. We have calculated our possibilities and we’ve learnt enough to be more lucid in our requests next time. We owe it to the fighters of the Resistance, and also to the ones that came before and after them. We owe it to all those Greeks, Albanians, Russians, Kurds, Iranians, Iraqis and in general to all those who took part in the collective protest of 23rd April in the torture jails.
We owe it to all those who fought with passion for liberty and dignity. We will always be in debt...

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