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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Update on Simos and situation inside the hospital [K.A.T.]

from actforfreedomnow

Uncountable cops of all kinds have been permanently installed in the hospital where Simos Seisidis is. An episode occured when two foreigners looking for a friend approached his room. Cops of the special forces flooded the hallway with their guns pointed at them... they scared the shit out of them, at the same time, the police helicopter which was flying around the top of the hospital landed on the roof of the building next to the hospital!They give his mother much less time than she's entitled to, (half hour in the morning and half in the evening while usually it's three hours each time). The head doctor, acting as a genuine police snitch, is doing all he can to crush the psychology of our comrade [i.e. telling him that their going to cut off his leg...], while others of the hospital staff are showing an obvious indifference [i.e. not changing his sheets and leaving him to lie for hours in his blood that is coming out of the open wound]. Fortunately there are some exceptions, doctors and nurses that are doing whatever they can under these circumstances. The public briefings on this subject are so that all the people involved will understand that WHATEVER THEY SAY and WHATEVER THEY DO will be recorded. SO WILL THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES. There's still a BIG NEED FOR BLOOD. The comrade needs 2 bottles of blood a day. You can give blood in any hospital, regardless of bloodgroup. All you need is the name and the name of the hospital. Many comrades in prison offered and gave blood as well and we thank them.
Simos is not alone!

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