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Sunday 11 July 2010

It will allow the slow..elimination of Simos Seisidis?

from actforfreedomnow

In the communication about the conditions of detention and treatment of the prisoner Simos Seisidi eleven people (academics, doctors, lawyers, journalists, editors) denounce conditions which "are characterized by arbitrary government, police brutality and unethical medical practice".

The following text refers to a prisoner who was wanted for robbery, Simos Seisidis, his arrest, detention and treatment.

We believe that medical organizations, democratic movements and human rights, political organizations and collectives should now take a position on the issue, because the case of Simos Seisidi (prisoner and patient with no rights whatsoever) condenses the most odious forms of state repression and subjugation of medical function on its purpose.

First question: Can a suspect be shot in cold blood?

Simos Seisidis on May 3, 2010, has been seen by police in the area of Petralona. When reasonably he tried to flee, he was shot in cold blood by police on foot, so that the incoming bullet pierced the leg from the back of the foot, leaving by the front and destroying the main artery. It is significant that the testimony of the police that made the arrest in no way warned Seisidis but implemented the command to shoot (on foot!) who is suspected of escaping arrest.

The questions: Where and in which circumstances can an escape suspect be shot? By what criterion targeting the arrest of the suspect outweighs the protection of life of every able-bodied man? It is possible (albeit theoretically) for the legal system in this country not to have presumption of innocence and for a suspect to be awarded capital punishment, sentence of death or permanent disability? What else were the police are waiting to understand after relentlessly beating up the blood-staine, faint Seisidi, which caused multiple fractures to his ribs , and then threatened his life?

Problem 2: In what could bring the police arbitrariness?

The police, therefore, unnecessarily shoot Simo Seisidis and then batter him. But that does not stop them. A fully armed invasion of the ICU of KAT hospital and then hospitalized in special cell, family visits prohibited and exclusively hospital nurses to provide the necessary care; any correspondence or telephone calls refused, and even the existence of television or radio in the hospitalized cell.· They harass the patient, screaming on the bed, up and photographing him with mobile phones when he is being washed by the nursing staff:
Friday, May 28, when foot of Simos Seisidis amputated, police were inside the operating theatre!

The questions: What reasons require all these measures other than the quite obvious one that aims to humiliate and kill Simos Seisidis psychologically and emotionally ? There is no institutional body in this country that is willing to review police cannibalism? Finally, the fact that Seisidis was wanted for the robbery may be an inhibitory factor for any institution, organization or party to deal with the case?

Question 3: Can police be doctors?

Eventually, Simos Seisidis suffered amputation of the leg, because, according to the attending doctors, he ran imminent risk of his life. Attaching omission or negligence to the personnel of the First Orthopaedic Clinic of CAT, particularly against the Director of Clinical of unethical behavior in terms of tolerance of the massive police presence, which may burden the healing progress of the patient and necessarily incurred (now the responsibility of the ICU of Evangelismos) further full recovery.

The questions: Can doctors not accept a private nurse (like all prisoner patients); doctors is it not unreasonable to accept the presence of police within the ICU, even in the operating room? It is ridiculous the doctor in the ICU of Evangelismos stating "we are not responsible for the presence of police officers in the Unit? Finally, is medicine simply the execution and administration of drugs or organization of the full recovery of the patient's health? Is the doctor who respects his degree and oath , who believes that isolation, ... and the presence of armed police literally on the patient leave treatment ineffective? Finally, is there a "medical humanism" or do we all the time obey the rules of the free market and freedom of repression?

Demand: to withdraw immediately the police from inside the ICU of the Annunciation; to abolish isolation Seisidi Simos, have regular visiting hours, a special nurse, correspondence, and when returning to the room have radio, television and telephone communication, uninterrupted recovery of the patient and the time in hospital not interrupted by transfer to prison. Furthermore, health status and the whole situation until now by the authorities not to impose his detention and, if obtained evidence against the referral to trial.

We call upon: scientific and medical associations, each sensitive social and political body to denounce this shameful situation that not only is killing Simos Seisidi but degrades any sense of democracy and humanity.

Dimitris Kekos (University, National) * Periklis Korovesis (writer, Pr. MP) * Nikos Manios (doctor, hospital Pentelis) * Yannis Banias (pr. Member, State Secretariat SYRIZA) * Romina Xydas (journalist, "Proto Thema") * John prosper (doctor, General State Nice) * Michael Cantor (editor, Alkis Rigos Vivliopelagos * (University of Panteion) * George Roussis (University Panteion) * Dimitri Sarafianos (lawyer) * George Stamatopoulos (reporter, 'BBC') *

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