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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Update on comrade Simos Seisidis. 24/6


Yesterday, the doctors of "Euaggelismos" hospital (orthopeadic department) discharged comrade Simos, assuming that he is now fine and can be transferred to
prison!!! The fact that his recovery is not completed, and ofcourse that the prosthetic leg needs a long time to be fit and even longer for someone to learn how
to use, doesnt seem to intimidate these worhty agents and slaves of the "anti-terrorist" police.
They gave no attention to the continious pressures from the family, his lawyer, and also their colleagues that were stressing how important it is, and obvious, that he must stay in the hospital. For now he remains in "euaggelismos" thanks to a few good doctors of the hospital (from another department), who went and kicked up a fuss, but its very possible they might move him one of these days.
As for the cops and the justice ministry, to solve the problem as they think, have booked him for Koridallos prison hospital, from ...Malandrinou (new high security prisons) that they wanted to send him originally, believing that this way the demand to be hospitalised is being satisfied. Saint pauls hospital... good joke but we know better ones..
On thursday, his lawyer will apply for his release, while monday he will appear before the persecutor regarding the case of snatching the weapon of the guard Kedikoglou, an accusation that is solely based on a supposed identification with an ilegally taken d.n.a. sample (a stray hair)...

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