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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Letter from Kostas Gournas

Letter from Kostas Gournas"I would like to personally thank the minister of public order Mr. Mihalis Chrisohoidis for the special treatment that he arranged for me. With the beatings, the threats against my wife and children and my imprisonment in Trikala prison,which will take away the right every prisoner has,to communicate with his family. I really didn't believe he would sink to that level. Because I've learned from the age of 20 to get over whatever difficulties, I shall stand tall. You will not succeed in exterminating me physically or politically."
Kostas Gournas
16 April 201012th floor "gada"

The threats and torturing of the prisoners of the so called "revolutionary struggle"case will not have as a result the extermination of any of us. We guess they haven't realized yet that none of us will make a step back.
We are and will remain by their sides.
Our solidarity can not be "exterminated".
Comrades and relatives of Kostas Gournas.

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