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Sunday 11 July 2010

Letter from Vaggelis Stathopoulos

Since the 10-04-2010 I find myself accused, together with comrades I know through my journey in social struggles, by the infamous anti-terrorist squad under a regime of terror and psychological warfare. My arrest took place in a cinematic fashion in the area of Victoria square by 10 to 15 persons with guns aimed while in fear of my any reaction EKAM (Special Antiterrorist Unit) forces from around the area were also mobilized. Armed to the teeth against one unarmed. Of course it wasn’t hard for me to immediately be aware of their presence due to the experience I have amassed over the years from the usual surveillance and harassment I had at my parents’ house in Nikaia as well as at the house I lived in, in Peukakia.
As a consequence I didn’t give much notice considering the event as one of the usual intimidation tactics used by the authorities with the aim of deterring the anti-establishment actions of people in struggle. A tactic used always by the repressive mechanisms of the dominant class, especially in times of social upheaval. Of course I didn’t know what the authorities had yet again cooked up in order to frame me. I have found myself on numerous occasions, as many other comrades have as well, in the dock of ridiculous courts by the humanoids of power without any evidence against me or with fabricated and orchestrated accusations. In all these cases I have been acquitted since even the cops couldn’t support their own tales. I remained accused pending trial and under constant control from the authorities for seven whole years. Seven years of continuous surveillance in an attempt to target my action criminalizing my personal relationships, my ideas and my political viewpoint which at times I have expressed loud and clear. And here it is one more time!
I am an anarchist and I struggle with all my powers for the social revolution.
Continuing with the events around my arrest, soon after my acquaintance with the “tough” guys of the anti-terrorist squad I was taken to the “stupidity kitchen” the 12th floor of Police Headquarters, there were you enter one office for an ID verification and you leave from the other one next door with fabricated serious charges. So these “tough” guys, having been taught obviously by their colleagues, torturers during the dictatorship, started beating me and the other comrades while we were handcuffed with their swearing and threatening keeping the beat. Following this I experienced a simple processing from the inquisitors and prosecutors of the orchestrations set up by the cops and that’s how my life got wrapped up in a piece of official paper, how my case got tied up tight and I now find myself in prison awaiting trial at Trikala. Of course the choice of Wing E’ for my “stay” here is not at all coincidental, as it is the most controlled wing. I don’t think I even need to mention with precision the hideous living conditions in these “modern” hellholes of democracy. It is enough to say that water cuts are a more than usual occurrence (compliments to Themis Construction [Construction company belonging to the Ministry of Justice and in charge of building prisons])!!!
Power with the mass media as an ally uses the standard tactic of slander and criminalization of social struggles and of personal relations of people in struggle. It is not the first time something like this has happened but it is the first time I had to personally deal with this incredible brutality which has as an aim to defame my life, throwing piles of mud on myself and my acts as well as on my comrades, my friends and my family and the wider subversive movement in which I actively take part. In this attempt my home is characterized and named as a safe-house and a wattle fence, which by the way I found there when I rented the house, was enough to transform my personal space into a dangerous base of operations. That nothing was found in this house is probably of no importance! The continuous false leaks and the vulgar disinformation came to be added to the whole cannibalism taking place, revealing yet again the mechanisms’ and journalists’ vindictive craze against any one who resists. And this is only one version of the organized violence carried out by the mechanisms of power and of the legal crimes perpetrated by the state and the bosses against our lives.
Of course the criminalization of struggles and of those who negate the status quo is not something new or unusual. Those who struggle know this well by now. Besides, even if someone is arrested for postering they are prosecuted for littering rather than their ideas and subversive words which in reality constitute the essence of their prosecution. Against the fable of legality and the false boundaries of innocence or guilt, I declare myself an enemy of the regime and an unrepentant adversary of the state and capital.
Besides, my statement to the inquisitor that “I don’t denounce any form of struggle against the state and power” is the only reason I am in prison and not their unfounded bill of indictment. If they expected statements of conformity to the law and of repentance from me they did not calculate well. In my life I have not learned to grovel left and right as a denouncer, a snitch and a collaborator, I have not learned to betray friends and comrades, to abandon them, to accuse and denounce them in front of my prosecutors in order to save myself. In my life I have learned to hold my head up high, to live with pride and dignity and to not grovel even if there’s a price to pay. If there are some people that have learned to live groveling, I am truly ashamed on their behalf.
At this time, when the bankrupt Greek state under the umbrella of the IMF is attempting to terrorize and repress every subversive project in fear of the Decembers’ coming it is our duty to fight in order to overthrow it in its totality.
I will continue to fight against the policing and control over our lives and for the destruction of prisons. For social revolution and for freedom.
Because in this world freedom is not handed out to you, you have to claim her through battles and win her.

Vaggelis Stathopoulos
Trikala Prisons

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